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Fidel Medvedev

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You can also use output module settings to crop, stretch, or shrink a rendered movie; doing this after rendering is often useful when you are generating multiple kinds of output from a single composition.

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Windows 7 does have the same useful feature related to boot records and booting which first appeared under Vista:Its Disk Management utility has the ability to both shrink and expand partitions; similar to what Partition Magic could do for previous Windows versions. We may present a detailed page about this in the future, but note: All studies so far, have led us to the conclusion that no matter how much empty space you have remaining within your last partition, this utility will allow you to shrink it to only about 50% (just half of) the capacity of the physical disk drive! Example: If the full capacity of a 320 GB disk drive was partitioned when installing the Windows 7 OS, this utility allows you to shrink the main OS partition to only about 160 GB; even if there is only 4 or 5 GB, or any other small number of GB, of that partition in use! And this will not change even if you run the utility again on the shrunk partition! 350c69d7ab

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