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Yep will do thanks for asking no im not ok at all but ahwell that's another story possibly going to have to have my disc fused in spine and im only 28 plus more. yea I understand that none of what we've discussed is legal advice ill definitely keep the lawyer up to date but he is saying I've already won my case before it even hits court yea its civil done it at work employer breached at least 5 different ohs laws and insurance already accepted full liability im not sure on the laws of a pi following me but I know if there tracing my location thru my phone its highly illegal ivd been told I can prove they have been following me but to prove they have hacked into my comp or phone is a lot harder would much prefer just to stop them or poss hack back and give them a virus or one of them trogjan worm things lol cause them a headache but all good thanks for your replies I really appreciate it take it easy cheers drew

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