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Left: Trends in internet traffic, data centre “workloads” and data centre energy use, 2015-2021, relative to 2015=100. Right: Global data centre energy demand by data centre type (terawatt hours). Source: IEA. Chart by Carbon Brief using Highcharts. As well as changes that are invisible to the consumer, there are also obvious trends in the technology seen everyday. Devices are also becoming smaller and more efficient, for example, in shifts from CRT to LCD screens, and from personal computers to tablets and smartphones. Rising demand Set against all this is the fact that consumption of streaming media is growing rapidly. Netflix subscriptions grew 20% last year to 167m, while electricity consumption rose 84%. The updated charts and comparisons also include the corrected values published by The Shift Project in June 2020, as well as other recent estimates quoted by the media. Misleading media A number of recent media articles, including in the New York Post, CBC, Yahoo, DW, Gizmodo, Phys. org and BigThink, have repeated a claim that “the emissions generated by watching 30 minutes of Netflix [1. Join the COP 27 virtual platform The platform allows participants to watch and join meetings according to badge type, network with other participants, and create self-service online meetings. Watch UEFA Europa League Games Live Watch UEFA Europa League and stream ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & more top channels without cable. Cloud DVR included. No installation. Start your free trial. 6 years since the 1940s – and every 2. 7 years since 2000. A similar trend has been observed in data transmission networks, with energy intensity halving every two years since 2000. Coupled with the short lifespans of devices and equipment, which hastens turnover, the efficiency of the overall stock of devices, data centres and networks is improving rapidly. For example, increasingly efficient IT hardware (following Koomey’s Law) and a major shift to “hyperscale” data centres have helped to keep electricity demand flat since 2015 (chart, below right). Data centres worldwide today consume around 1% of global electricity use, even while internet traffic has tripled since 2015 and data centre “workloads” – a measure of service demand – have more than doubled (chart, below left). Compared to 2019 levels, global emissions intensity of electricity falls by around a quarter by 2030 in the IEA Stated Policies Scenario and by half in the Sustainable Development Scenario. Digital efficiency Although the carbon footprint of streaming video remains relatively modest, it might still seem reasonable to expect the overall impact to rise, given exponential increases in usage. However, there have already been major improvements in the efficiency of computing, described by “Koomey’s Law”. This law describes trends in the energy efficiency of computing, which has doubled roughly every 1. slowdive ... Paris, FR @ La Cigale Thu. Jan. 18, 2024 – Cologne, DE Listen to the first single, Kisses, on your favourite streaming service now and watch the video HERE.

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