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Wii Party

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Wii Party

In the sound/stream folder, there are many Japanese voice clips, all beginning with the prefix V_TRUMP_KARTA. These were used in the house party game exclusive to Asia named "Quick Draw". There are also unused Japanese voice clips used for the early Bingo version. The voice all begin with the prefix V_BINGO and they count from 1 to 155.

This is a hard game to give a rating. If you play video games with your kids, or want to start, this is a great title. If you play with older gamers, there are better party games to try, and if you play alone this isn't for you at all. If you're the target audience, however, there is much fun to be had.

Wii Party U is the follow-up to 2010's Wii Party and features similar aesthetics and motifs to its predecessor. Rather than playing as characters, you play using your created Mii avatars. Keeping with the Mii theme and the family-friendly party tone, everything is rounded, brightly colored, and cartoony. It's a look that's meant to be as soft and inoffensive as possible, but its lack of detail and its boring, indistinct designs make it tiresome after a while.

There are three primary game modes: TV Party, House Party, and GamePad Party. TV Party is the main attraction, featuring several sub-modes styled like traditional board games, which tie together Wii Party U's various minigames. House Party consists of stand-alone games that use the Wii U GamePad and support two to four players. GamePad Party consists of a bunch of GamePad-only games and minigames for up to two players. In addition to the three main modes, there's a Minigame mode that lets you play any of the minigames as you please, or run through various themed minigame gauntlets solo or with friends. (On that note, many portions of Wii Party U can be played solo, but the utterly dopey AI competitors will have you calling your friends for impromptu party time pretty darn quick.)

Finally, there's GamePad Party. This mode makes use of a bundled Wii U GamePad stand to allow the controller to sit easily on a table between two people. All of the games are pretty fun, though the more elaborate games prove to be the most interesting: Puzzle Blockade is a unique co-op experience, and Mii-in-a-Row is an engaging mix of Tic-Tac-Toe and Reversi. By supporting only two players, however, these games don't sport a lot of party potential.

The amount of fun you have with Wii Party U hinges by and large on the company you're with rather than the quality of the games themselves. Even with a perfect group of pals, though, there are potential hiccups: an awful minigame randomly thrown at you can deflate a fun atmosphere, an unclear explanation can prove confusing, and a badly paced board game can bore everybody. The sterile presentation and lack of options certainly don't help matters, either. While it has its highlights, the party is over before it can really get started.

Overall, Wii Party U is a very fun party game, but the mini-game options aren't as attractive as in the original and Mario Party 9. It is way better to play them in the TV Party mode, which offers more varied experiences and a cleaner progression. Single-players are limited in what kind of partying they can do in Wii Party U. Of course, fun can still be had, but laughing and playing with others makes a huge difference. The GamePad and House Party games are really worth checking out, though, and show some really clever uses of the tablet controller. For all the smaller missteps that Nd Cube took, there is no doubt that Wii Party U proves that great times are ahead.

The developers claim that Wii Party was created due to the team wanting to create a party title with Mii characters instead of characters from the Mario series. They knew that the minigames present would have to be unique, and were afraid that if they didn't accomplish this goal the title wouldn't be able to be a part of the Wii series and instead would have to be called Mii Party.

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