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Ilm e Jafar Books in Urdu PDF Download: A Guide to the Hidden Numerical Values

Ilm e Jafar Books in Urdu PDF Download: A Guide to the Hidden Numerical Values

Ilm e Jafar is a branch of Islamic knowledge that deals with the hidden numerical values of words, names, and phrases. It is based on the Abjad system of Arabic alphabets, which assigns a numerical value to each letter. Ilm e Jafar can be used for various purposes, such as predicting the future, finding solutions to problems, creating talismans, and performing amliyat (spiritual practices).

If you are interested in learning ilm e Jafar, you may want to download some books in Urdu PDF format that explain the basics and advanced concepts of this science. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best ilm e Jafar books in Urdu PDF download that you can find online for free.

ilm e jafar books in urdu pdf download


Jafar ul Jamae by Sufi Muhammad Nadeem Muhammadi

This book is a comprehensive guide to ilm e Jafar that covers all aspects of this science. You will learn how to calculate the numerical values of any word or name, how to use them for various purposes, how to interpret the results, and how to perform different types of amliyat. You will also find a list of the names of Allah, angels, planets, stars, and other entities that have numerical values. This book also teaches you how to remove the negative effects of planets and stars, how to use the names of Allah for different needs, and how to make dua with the letters of nida (calling). You can download this book from [^1^].

Fayoz e Jafar by Muhammad Ghulam Abbas Awan

This book is another excellent resource for learning ilm e Jafar. It explains the history and importance of this science, the different types of ilm e Jafar (such as ilm ul akhbar, ilm ul adad, ilm ul sa'at), the rules and methods of calculation and interpretation, and the applications of ilm e Jafar in various fields. You will also learn about the rijal ul ghaib (hidden men), the isma e baroj (names of constellations), the tilismat (magical diagrams), the sehar (magic), and other topics related to ilm e Jafar. You can download this book from [^1^].

Khazina e Jafar by Liaqat Ullah Qureshi

This book is a treasure trove of ilm e Jafar that contains many secrets and mysteries of this science. You will learn about the terminology and concepts of ilm e Jafar, such as abjad qamari o shamsi (lunar and solar alphabets), qaida e inzariya (the rule of subtraction), mustehsila e khadbeh (the method of folding), kaleed e ehtm (the key of permutation), tajreed (abstraction), tasheed (addition), arbah tadweer (fourfold rotation), tanzaqor (reduction), and many more. You will also learn how to use ilm e Jafar for various purposes, such as finding lost things, solving disputes, curing diseases, attracting love, gaining wealth, etc. You can download this book from [^1^].

Ramoz ul Jafar by Kash Al Barni

This book is a masterpiece of ilm e Jafar that reveals many secrets and wonders of this science. You will learn about the ilm ul haroof wala adad (the science of letters and numbers), the daira e asma Allah husna (the circle of the most beautiful names of Allah), the hal ul mushkilat (the solution of difficulties), the amal hub o taskheer (the practice of love and subjugation), the amaal e shar (the evil practices), the amal hasool e rizq o kashaish (the practice of obtaining sustenance and attraction), the amal e taskher e hukam o taskher e khalq (the practice of subduing rulers and 0efd9a6b88

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